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FleXILO® flexiTank:

The new FleXILO Plus is the ideal solution for storage rooms with less space und low ceiling.


The new vibrating conical extractor enables about 20% more storage capacity. Especially in the case of home renewal or rebuilding, the new tank with 5,2ft height is suited for low-height cellars.
The new FleXILO Plus types offer the best storage form for every particular building situation.

  • Special antistatic textile material, super strong, wire-reinforced
  • Simple and quick installation
  • Flexible
  • Dustproof
  • Tank remains undamaged in the event of dampness or flood
  • Can be installed outdoors if protected from rain an UV

FlexiTank with auger delivery system

Storage room is located right next to the boiler

FlexiTank with vacuum suction system

Storage room and boiler room are seperated by up to 65,6ft maximum


Outdoor installation

The FlexiTank is installed outdoors